Mickey Ears Fall Floral Wreaths

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Mickey Ears Fall Floral Wreaths

Asante Sana Squash Wreath

Warm up your front door with these autumn vibes.

Wreath head is approximately 11″ in diameter. Featuring faux flowers and squash on grapevine.

Fancy Fandom Fall Mickey Mouse wreath

Height: 18 Inches; Width: 18 Inches; Depth: 8 Inches
This beautiful Mickey wreath is bursting with fall colors in all shades. I was so Inspired by the decorations at WDW for Halloween I decided to do a nod to them my self. Deep reds and Auburn’s , greens, yellows, brown and oranges in silk leaves surround the entire wreath front to back. On top of the wreath is a three D Mickey head with lovely warm orange foam roses all hand cut and glued on foam. Nestled along side the Mickey head is small pumpkins to give it that harvest feel. The wreath comes with a gold door hanger so you can display this lovely talking piece inside or out for the fall and thanksgiving holiday. All hand done and ready to ship to your home.

Grapevine Minnie Mouse Fall Floral Wreath

Height: 26 Inches; Width: 26 Inches; Depth: 5.5 Inches
Minnie Mouse Wreath. Made from grapevine forms, fall floral and ribbon.

Fall Floral Mouse Ear Wreath

Selling a wicker ear and burlap straw center, three ring, mouse shaped floral wreath full of gorgeous color. With ears attached the wreath measures approximately 23″ x 19″ and fits perfectly in the center of any door.

Purple Autumn Wreath

The perfect autumn wreath for lovers of purple (like myself 🙂

Wreath head is approximately 12″ in diameter. Featuring faux flowers on grapevine.

Handmade Fall Mickey wall hanging/ Disney Minnie Mouse wreath / Floral Mickey shaped wall decor

Height: 15 Inches; Width: 16 Inches
This beautiful fall styled wall hanging will be the centerpiece of your home. Cinnamon stick and golden accents along with dried style flowers are warming fall themed details.

Black Dahlia Wreath

Giving your doorway all the spoopy vibes!

Wreath head is approximately 14″ in diameter. Featuring faux flowers, Venus flytraps, and wire ribbon on grapevine.

Minnie Mouse Natural willow and fall floral Minnie Mouse Fall and Thanksgiving Wreath

Minnie Mouse Natural willow wreath and fall flowers Minnie Mouse Fall and Thanksgiving Wreath

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