Poinsettia Theme

This “Christmas Flower” is one of the most popular Christmas decorations. The deep velvety scarlet leaves bring color to your home during the holidays. The poinsettia is a tropical flower that was adopted from Mexico in the 1800’s. We see this beautiful flower as a symbol for good cheer and success. We give these as gifts to celebrate reunion and togetherness.

As a decoration, Poinsettias bring elegance and brilliance to your kitchen, gathering space, bedroom, bathrooms, garden and even to your holiday parties.  Did you know that the Poinsettia comes in a variety of hues like yellow, pink and white? Take a look at these wonderful decorations and maybe you’ll be able to “pick” one for your home this season!

Poinsettia Fashions & Jewelry

Poinsettia Fine Jewelry

Poinsettia Fashion Rings

Poinsettia Brooches & Pins
Poinsettia Earrings
Poinsettia Necklaces
Poinsettia Bracelets
Poinsettia Clutch Purses
Poinsettia Scarves

Poinsettia Outdoor Christmas Home Decor
Poinsettia Garden & House Flags
Poinsettia Yard Stakes

Poinsettia Indoor Christmas Home Decor

Poinsettia Boxed Cards

Poinsettia Centerpieces
Poinsetta Floral Arrangements
Poinsettia Door Wreaths
Poinsettia Christmas Garlands
Poinsettia Swag
Poinsettia Christmas Stockings
Poinsettia Tabletop Decorations
Poinsettia Floor Mats and Rugs
Poinsettia Window Decorations
Poinsettia Candle Holders

Poinsettia Vases
Poinsettia Night Lights
Poinsettia Lamps
Poinsettia Light Switch Covers
Poinsettia Mantle Scarves
Poinsettia Window Valances
Poinsettia Window Curtains

Poinsettia Shower Curtains
Poinsettia Bathroom Towels

Poinsettia Throw Blankets
Poinsettia Throw Pillows
Poinsettia Quilt Blankets

Poinsettia Party Supplies
Poinsettia Party Bundles
Poinsettia Paper Plates & Napkin Sets
Poinsettia Paper Platters
Poinsettia Paper Plates
Poinsettia Paper Cups
Poinsettia Paper Napkins
Poinsettia Vinyl & Plastic Table Covers
Poinsettia Placecards
Poinsettia Gift Bags
Poinsettia Wine Bottle Bags

Christmas Tree Decorations
Poinsettia Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
Poinsettia Trees and Bushes
Poinsettia Christmas Tree Skirts
Poinsettia Christmas Ornaments

Poinsettia Kitchen Decor
Poinsettia Dinnerware Sets

Poinsettia Dinnerware Plates
Poinsettia Bakeware
Poinsettia Serving Plates & Trays
Poinsettia Serving Bowls
Poinsettia Dinnerware Bowls
Poinsettia Mugs
Poinsettia Dip & Spreader Bowls
Poinsettia Cheese Board Sets
Poinsettia Napkin Rings
Poinsettia Fabric Napkins
Poinsettia Placemats
Poinsettia Fabric Table Covers
Poinsettia Table Runners
Poinsettia Kitchen Towels
Poinsettia Oven Mitts & Sets
Poinsettia Doilies
Poinsettia Wine Bottle Toppers & Decorations
Poinsettia Wine, Champagne & Martini Glasses
Poinsettia Wine Glass Shades
Poinsettia Tumblers
Poinsettia Tea Pots and Kettles
Poinsettia Aprons
Poinsettia Jars
Poinsettia Sugar and Creamer Sets
Poinsettia Salt & Pepper Shakers

Poinsettia Baking Supplies
Poinsettia Cupcake Wrappers

Poinsettia Baking Molds

Poinsettia Baking Candy

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